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I created this blog specifically for vegans and vegan-curious as a source of information, inspiration, and motivation on your vegan journey.

As plant-based diets more mainstream, thousands of people are searching for ways to make the transformation from dairy, poultry, and meat. As a practicing vegan, I offer advice and resources to help you attain your goals and to achieve a vegan lifestyle with the least possible pain.

Also, you can tune into our Y We Vegan podcast where we interview vegan business owners, artisans, and health professionals who share the latest information about what's happening in the plant-based “vegan” world.

Visit often as we will post to blog regularly.

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About the Author:

As a former Type 2 Diabetic, I know the importance of healthy eating. I also know that eating a plant-based diet can provide healthful benefits. My mission is to make eating a plant-based diet more approachable by sharing information about Veganism and the kinds of foods we create; low-sugar soy and GMO-free. At NaturallySweet Desserts and Night Owl Vegan, we are proud to be part of the solution to improve health and excited about the lives we have touched. Our meals & desserts are 100% Vegan and 100% Delicious.

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