Aldi launches New Vegan Chicken Burgers and Sausage Rolls

Discount supermarket Aldi is expanding its range of vegan products with a selection of plant-based options that are perfect for summer. Its meat-free range with four new frozen vegan options joining its existing plant-based range in stores.

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5 Tips For Storing Your Produce on a Plant-Based Diet

New to a plant-based diet? Have no idea how to store all these new foods you may be buying? Wondering why your potatoes keep sprouting so fast or turning green? Well, look no further because in this article I will give you my Top 5 Tips for Storing Your Produce on a Plant-Based Diet.

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Eating Disorders: Is Veganism The Latest Scapegoat?

Veganism is a hot topic, but increasingly parallels are being drawn by the media between the rise in veganism and the escalation in eating disorder sufferers. Jerry Silvester explores whether there is any credence to these claims, or whether veganism is the latest scapegoat.

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What’s Happening with Night Owl Vegan and NaturallySweet Desserts?

Recently, I was interviewed by my friend and digital marketing consultant Bob Coleman of Rhema Web Marketing. The podcast conversation was to be primarily about the role of digital marketing in my business but evolved into more. Amongst the many things we discussed, we talked about my cafe, or precisely why [...]

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Road Map to Holistic Health – Dr. Ruby Lathon

Dr. Ruby Lathon, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, cured herself of Thyroid cancer by switching to a plant-based diet. She shares her amazing story in the documentary "What The Health". Dr. Lathon's holistic medical practice Roadmap to Holistic Health located in Washington, DC, provides wellness coaching and holistic health programs. Dr. Lathon is the [...]

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