Birds Eye Launches Vegan Meat-Alternative Range

The Rise in Plant-Based Alternatives

Deceiving customers is generally frowned upon, but new meat substitutes that mimic actual meat reverse that notion. Diners are increasing relying on plants for protein sources.

Diners are also interested in the health and animal welfare benefits of vegetarian proteins. Now’s the time to think beyond boring veggie burgers and branch out into plant-based “faux foods”—foods that look and taste like meat, but aren’t. Unilever Food Solutions

Frozen food specialists Birds Eye has announced the launch of its first range of vegan products. 

Birds Eye are well known for their range of frozen foods, in particular, their petit pois and garden peas. Now the company is making its first foray into the world of vegan meat-alternatives in a bit to compete with brands such as Quorn.

The Green Cuisine range includes a selection of soy and wheat-free products such as sausages, burgers and ’Swedish-style balls’, all of which will retail at $3.30.

Similar to Beyond Burger, Birds Eye’s new meat-free range is made from pea protein in a move the brand said would “build on its heritage in peas.”

However, its vegan range will use yellow peas as a base instead of the petit pois and garden peas Birds Eye is known for. The products are also lower in fat than comparable products in the company’s non-vegan range.

Plant-Based Niche Is Growing

Speaking to The Grocer about the decision to launch a plant-based range to meet growing consumer demand, Birds Eye marketing director, Steve Challouma, said: “This is a major strategic launch into an increasingly important and fast-growing segment within the plant-based foods space.

“We have successfully been able to recreate the taste and texture of popular meat products, helping families reduce their meat consumption through healthy options without compromising on flavour.”

The Green Cuisine range will be available in Asda from 21 March.

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